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Estate Planning, Administration, and Litigation

Estate Planning With Your Objectives in Mind

When it comes to New Jersey and New York family estate planning, trust the Law Office of Jon Rory Skolnick. We preserve your assets, from your home to your business, by developing an estate plan that best suits your individualized situation and protects you and your family throughout your life – and after.

We offer a variety of comprehensive estate planning services such as drafting wills, health directives and various types of trusts including:

  • Charitable
  • Family
  • Living
  • Revocable Living
  • Irrevocable Living
  • Asset Protection
  • Special Needs

Estate Administration You Can Trust

When a loved one passes, financial decisions can be challenging. Jon Rory Skolnick, Esq. steps in as your trusted advisor. He takes the lead on all estate matters and distributes assets to the appropriate beneficiaries closely following the wishes of your deceased loved one via their estate plan.
Our Administrative Services include:

  • Interpreting and probating wills and trusts
  • Identifying, settling and distributing estate assets
  • Preparing estate and income tax returns – both Federal and State
  • Working closely with financial advisors to ensure proper distribution

Estate Litigation When Needed

The Jon Rory Skolnick, Esq. has over 30 years of trust litigation experience. He understands the sensitivities surrounding these emotional disputes and successfully litigates cases in his client’s best interests, time and time again. Mr. Skolnick, will fiercely defend his clients against or represent client’s who are contesting:

  • Wills,
  • Trusts,
  • Executors,
  • Guardianship, and more

Our law firm understands the complexity of planning trusts, drafting wills and organizing estates. We understand how difficult and emotional the process of administering an estate distribution can be. Our compassionate firm helps you to protect your assets and ensures your wishes are properly executed.

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